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The Cosmic Joke

When we spend most of our time looking forward to, and planning for, tomorrow, we miss the life we are living now, and live only in a kind of virtual reality world of the mind. In this virtual reality world, our body is here and now, receiving sensations from the environment around it, but our mind is oblivious to these sensations because it is giving attention to its thought projections instead.

Human beings, in the modern world, are brainwashed into thinking that the more we have, the happier we will be. So, we strive all our lives to accumulate more. What for? No sooner we have accumulated our optimum amount, we die. Where is the gain in that?

Then some of us wake up to the idea that we must find out who we are. Then we spend decades chasing answers from various gurus, teachers and writers. Then we realise, at some point, that the answer lies not out there, but right here inside of us. Then we realise that inside of us is an emptiness so deep that no idea of what we are can stick.

Nothing is fixed, in time or space. Life flows, in and out, up and down, in all directions. Any attempt to fix anything, in any way, fails. The Cosmic Joke, perhaps, is that human beings seemingly never tire of trying to fix things. Even writing this could be seen as an attempt to establish an explanation of the Cosmic Joke.

Laughing, singing, dancing, sitting, standing, playing an instrument, taking a bath or a walk ... anything that doesn’t involve thinking, may be the only way of not becoming a part of the Cosmic Joke ... 

... but not if we think about it.

(written for the Facebook group: THE COSMIC JOKE) (PS There is nothing wrong with "Thinking" ... as long as we understand that whilst it is a useful faculty, what it creates is no more fixed and substantial than the clouds that float across the sky)

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