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In my late teens and early twenties (stimulated by this memory from childhood), I had a recurring dream ... which took me back to a moment in my childhood, when my family were on

holiday in Cornwall (in the West of England). We used to travel there (300 miles +) from London in the summer. In the dream (and in that moment, when I was 9 or 10 years old), we were

sitting on a beach, and somehow, the combination of sun, sounds of gulls, the ocean in the distance (the tide was out!), the trickle of a tiny stream next to where we were picnicking, and the chafing sound of some reeds growing next to the stream + the quality of light + must have launched me into a moment of lucidity. At the time, I was not particularly away of this, but it clearly rooted itself deep in my body-mind memory. In my teens/20s, no doubt in response to

my early seeking efforts, this moment from 10 years or so earlier was brought up involuntarily in my dreams ... and from then onwards, the bliss that was felt in that micro-moment of childhood has been available at any time, whatever is seemingly going on around me.

NOW, I feel sure that every single human being on this planet, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances, has had such a micro-moment. It really can be JUST a micro-moment.

But, they still hang with the heaviness of their mind-stuff and perceived burdens. The sound of the burdens, I feel, is drowning out the sound of their personal moment of lucidity. Look for this

moment of lucidity, this joyful moment, and access it whenever you like. THIS is the Joy of your True Nature. When you have permanent access to your True Nature, the world can never drown you in its mud. When you develop this relationship with your inner truth, you are always OK.

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