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The thing about time

is that it doesn’t really exist ...

It is whatever you make it

If you have not learned

how to live and function

with a sense of inner spaciousness

then you may feel oppressed by time …

you may feel that it is both

restricting you

and pressing you

But time itself does nothing ...

It has no form

and it has no substance.

It is only what you make it

within your own mind

There is the time

of catching a train.

If you are not there

the train will go

without you

There is the time

of an appointment

and if you are not there

you may lose your place

or life will go on

without you

But there is also time

to get things done

but if there are too many things

there may not be enough time

When there is not enough time

to do all the things

that need to be done

time can become tight

and when time gets too tight

it starts to constrict …

It gets into your lungs

and stops you breathing

So, that is when

you find out

how to loosen time’s grip

so that breath can flow unhindered

and you do not become

a victim of your own sense of time

When you feel oppressed by time

just let go of what it is

that is so pressing ...

Allow yourself to breathe

Become familiar

with this sense of breathing

so that time

does not oppress you any more

Never forget …

that time has no form

and it has no substance.

It is given form and substance

by your servitude to it.

Learn to live in space

free from time’s oppression

Realize deeply

and lastingly

that you can never be

what you truly are

as long as you are

a slave to time

and a prisoner

in your own mind

(16 November 2022)

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