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Paula Marvelly is the author of the books:                 'The Teachers of One: Living Advaita' and 'Women of Wisdom'. She is also the founder and editor of the inspiring (and inspired) website:

THE TEXTURE OF BEING was originally published in 2002 by LOTUS HARMONY PUBLISHING in the UK. A second edition will     be published in due course. But, for now,   it is available as a FREE download

"We do not need to search in order to find our true being. We already are it, and the mind which searches for it is the very reason why we cannot find it"


"Time is a human invention. When we live by the clock, we miss the passing moments of life, which means that we do not live at all. These passing moments are all that we have. The rest is merely a dream"

"In order to bring peace into one's life, one needs to first learn the art of acceptance and surrender to whatever reveals itself in every moment. This means .... no resistance"

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