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You are that awareness


“You are that awareness in which all arises ... not limited by name and form, empty of all content but open to all. In you, the world appears and disappears. You can never know it, you can never own it, for it is what you are”  ~ Roy Whenary

The Sky and the Sea


Living in Open Awareness


When you look at another person, do you ever stop and ask what it is that is looking?

Or do you always assume that it is “me” looking out at him or her?


When you look at a flower or any other object, do you ever see it as it is -

without that label “flower” or “chair”?


When you take yourself to be the thinker, looking out from a place inside,

the world appears like a myriad of objects, and everything is separate from you.

Then everything has to be either desired or feared, is with you or against you,

is approved or rejected.


When you take yourself to be the thinker, conflict is born,

and you are on the inside and everyone and everything else is on the outside.


But life is not really like that - this is just an illusion of the mind.

It is merely a habit of seeing, born of the programming ...

that “I am this or that”, the belief that I was born and that I am separate,

that I look like this and my name is that.

In reality, all this is hearsay and the product of imagination,

born from what we have been told and had re-affirmed over and over again.


If you stop, look and listen, instead of always assuming ...

it may become clear what is really happening.

You may come to see that you are, in fact, not this mind,

locked inside this body, looking out,

but that you are simply the awareness

within which all and everything appears and disappears,

which includes this body and this mind

that you previously thought you were.


All your life, you have assumed

that you are the doer, the seer, the thinker.

But this is just how you have been programmed to see it -

that is all.


When you see otherwise, suddenly a whole universe of possibilities arises -

the whole of creation opens up, and you realise that nothing is fixed,

nothing is meant to stay forever exactly as it appears right now.

Now, a new world is born, in which not everything is black and white.

Suddenly you can see in colour, and beyond.

Your awareness is now open

and you can see what you always thought yourself to be

in a new light ...

as simply an appearance in what you now realise

yourself to truly be.


This is “Open Awareness” - your new reality!

... in Nonduality

© 2015  Roy Whenary    Nondual writer

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